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My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am lifting you (and your families) up in my prayers, thanking God for each and everyone of you and for your faithfulness and love for our God and for each other.

I am so encouraged. I have witnessed selfless love between neighbors, friends, and families during this past week. The stories of neighbors helping each other, friends calling one another, casseroles being dropped off, cookies being made, books being shared, masks made, virtual visits to babies being born, and time being spent intentionally with one another.

God is everywhere!

For our family, I saw God shining in the eyes of our children yesterday. When they were inspired to start a "free store" for our neighborhood and to focus on the dogs that are getting walked everyday. They colored signs and filled up water bowls from the green garden hose, eagerly waiting their first dog to come down the block. They lavished each pup that paused at for a sip, gave them a snack, and tons of free hugs and kisses. I saw God in those moments, the budding desire in my children to give what they have to someone else, and the surprise and then joy from neighbors we've never met. God was there from start to finish and it was beautiful and I am eager to see what God will inspire us to do this week. I see a sign has already been started...this time I see the word "cats" is included. What can I say, we are animal people!

Everyday is an opportunity to love those around you, so what is it that you are being called to do? Or where have you seen God? I look forward to hearing where you've seen God, send me a note, a call, or an email.

Blessings to you, in the name of our Lord, `Jesus Christ.

~ Pastor Sandy Cannon